We want you to have as much information about Trailblazer Tracking as possible. The following are answers to some of the questions we regularly get asked.

If you have a question that we’ve not answered please email enquiries@trailblazertracking.co.uk and we’ll send you the answer.

What happens after I sign up to the free trial?

You can register for a free trial by clicking here.

Once we’ve received your form we’ll request further information from you and then send login details so you can access Trailblazer Tracking. We’ll then arrange a further call to walk you through its features and answer any questions you have.

At the end of the trial period you can decide to continue with a paid subscription or cancel without cost.

When will the price increase after the initial introductory offer?

Once subscribed, the license fee will be fixed for 12-months.

How do I move my CPD records from the App to the CII Financial Assess system?

Under the CPD section of the Trailblazer Tracking system there is an option to export your CPD records to a .csv file. You can then use this file to import the data into any other system.

Can I use the App to record ex-post disclosure?

Yes, the Trailblazer Tracking system is flexible and can be used to record a variety of events and key dates.

I already have a back-office system, why do I need the Trailblazer Tracking?

Our system complements, not replaces, your current back-office system. By having key information on the go via the App, you can update client records, CPD and expenses without having to remember to do so when you return to your office.

Furthermore, much of the Trailblazer Tracking functionality is not available on traditional back-office systems.

How do I retrieve my data if I cease to use Trailblazer Tracking?

The system allows you to export your core client details, CPD and expense records to .csv files, which can then be uploaded elsewhere as required.

How do I add my client data to Trailblazer Tracking?

You can add data either as individual records or in bulk.

You will find a video tutorial on how to manage your contacts by clicking here. You can find more information about importing a .csv file with multiple contacts by clicking here.

Apart from the App, how else can I access the data? For example, is it available on desktop?

Absolutely, we have a feature rich CMS (Client Management System) available on desktop for people working from home or the office.

The App is available on mobile and tablet for advisers who are away from the office.

Can I set the system up, so each member of my team has the access level they need?

Yes, that’s one of the key benefits of the system.

Trailblazer Tracking allows three different user levels:

  • Practice Manager
  • Adviser
  • Assistant

The Assistant user can support more than one Adviser. The Practice Manager has all the functionality of the Adviser, along with the management information and user support options to help their colleagues.

How can I use the system to record my CPD?

CPD can be recorded on the go, via the App. Photographic evidence can easily be added using your phone’s camera. It can also be added via the CMS (Client Management System)

A short video tutorial to explain more is available by clicking here.

Why should I use the Trailblazer system to record my CPD rather than, say, the CII App?

Trailblazer provides a hierocracy access system so that a Practice Manager and those with compliant oversight functions, such as networks, can see the CPD progress of an Adviser and understand whether he/she is on track to achieve the minimum level required.